How Air Pollution Can Increase the Risk of Developing Lung Cancer?


Air pollution is a mixture of different particulates and biological molecules that gets introduced into Earth’s atmosphere. There might be different sources of air pollution and that can be man-made or natural. Inhaling polluted air can cause diseases, allergies and in the extreme condition, it can cause the death of humans as well. People mainly experience respiratory irritation, breathing difficulties, lung cancer and many other diseases due to air pollution. The actual effects of air pollution would particularly depend on the type of pollution, your current health status and the length of your exposure to the polluted air.

Some of the immediate health problems that you can experience due to air pollution are

  • Serious cardiovascular as well as respiratory illness
  • Damaged cells in the respiratory system
  • Accelerated aging of the lung (Infection in Lung)
  • Decreased in Lung function
  • Development of diseases like asthma, bronchitis and possibly cancer

Though air pollution can risk different diseases, it is mainly associated with an increased risk of lung cancer. The increased risk of cancer would depend on your exposure to air pollution. In this concern, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has reviewed the evidence of air pollution and have found that outdoor air pollution can cause lung cancer in people. One of the deadly air pollutants is PM2.5 and it is studied that the risk of developing lung cancer would increase as the level of PM2.5 increases.

Some of the symptoms of Lung Cancer are:

There are many symptoms of Lung cancer and these are mentioned below:

  • Change in Cough and that is if you are coughing more often or your cough is deeper or if you are coughing up blood
  • Shortness of Breathe
  • Experiencing pain in the chest or to the chest wall
  • If your lung produce wheezing or whistling sound when you breathe
  • Drop in weight can be another symptom of Lung cancer
  • Lung Cancer is associated with shoulder, neck and arm pain

What Can You Do to Stay Safe?

As an individual, we can do several things in reducing air pollution and the first thing is awareness. You can also choose active travel options like walking and cycling, rather than riding car or bike that creates pollution. Doing so, you can reduce the pollution levels, which is linked to the risk of cancer and other diseases. Make sure to install HEPA air purifier as this can keep all the impure air away from you and let you breathe 100% pure and fresh air.

Air Pollution is the main cause of Lung Cancer and in order to ensure that you remain safe from it, you should stop breathing impure air. Inhaling impure air can make you face severe cardiovascular as well as respiratory illness. As the common phrase says prevention is better than cure, you should also follow the same phase. Stop moving out when the pollution level is high and wear a mask whenever you are outdoor. Besides, make sure to install high-quality air purifier as this can remove all the air pollutions and make it pure for breathing.

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