Air Quality Affected Severely After The Diwali Fireworks


The quality of air after this Diwali has experienced to be worse compared to the regular days. After the night of firecrackers, the air outside got covered with a thick and toxic haze that made the air quality cross the danger level. The air now contains PM 2.5 matter, which is a very fine particulate matter that reduces the visibility and even causes respiratory problems. Despite the ban on the sale of fireworks this Diwali, many people still lit the firework and as a result, the air quality got adversely affected. The air pollution reached its peak with 18 times more in some places and people are experiencing aggravated cough and other respiratory problems.


According to indicators of pollution monitoring systems, it has been found that the outdoor air now contains more of PM 2.5, PM 10, ozone gas and many others. The indicator or the air quality reading also measures to contain nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide making the air hazardous to breathe in. The hazardous level is a kind of attentive notice for the people to stay indoors and keep themselves away from air-borne diseases.

Diwali Pollution Reported at 3 Metro Cities

As stated above, due to the firecrackers on the day of the Diwali, not only the Capital City, but Mumbai and Chennai have also experienced worse pollution level. In all these states, the outdoor air has been reported to be ‘very poor” by AQI. The ‘very poor’ air quality index (AQI) means that people would be suffering from different respiratory illnesses. Besides, if you continue to have prolonged exposure to such air, you would seriously affect with ailments.


Let us see how much the three metro cities got affected due to the Diwali pollution.

  • Delhi: The air in Delhi after the day of the Diwali has been recorded with an extensive hike in the pollution level. This has resulted with 24 times higher than the average level. According to the data Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC), the PM 2.5 has reached to 776 microns, which is counted to be 13 times than the usual days. In some places, it is measured to be 820 microns and 617 microns as well. This is what makes the level of air pollution to be worst making hard to breathe.
  • Mumbai: It is not just the capital city that is affected by the poor air quality, but the same effect could be seen in Mumbai as well. Several reports have been studied that says the AQI of the certain area is ‘hazardous’. It is the level of PM 2.5 and other types of air pollution that is witnessed to be very high after the day of Diwali, thus opening up the space for the deadly respiratory illnesses.
  • Chennai: Chennai is another city that got affected due to air pollution caused by the crackers. The day of Diwali, the AQI was 263 and on the next day, it was registered to be 302. Compared to the last year, the pollution level has been registered to be very poor.

Experts say that in order to bring down the pollution, the episodic source of pollutions firecrackers and farm fires should be stopped. Besides, you should also take steps to stop the other sources of pollution that come from vehicles and industry.


It would be a hard task to make the complete environment clean from air pollution, but you can make the indoor air clean and fresh to breathe in and it is possible by installing an air purifier. You would find out a wide range of air purifiers available in the market, but make sure to select the one that has HEPA air filter in it. It can trap all the impurities from air and can effectively remove 99.9% of pollutants like PM 2.5, dust, pet hair, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke and many other pollutants. Check the list of top 5 best air purifiers that you can opt for your home.


Special measures should be taken by the Government to improve the air quality. Besides, to ensure that you breathe fresh air inside the room, you can install an air purifier. The air purifiers can trap all the pollutants present in the air and make the room filled with fresh air. Keeping the air clean would ensure that your family remains safe from air-borne diseases.

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