Control The Risk of Pollution with Different Air Purification Methods

Different Air Purification Methods

Air becomes impure when harmful substances like pollute particulates and biological molecules get in contact with Earth’s atmosphere. Breathing polluted air may cause several diseases, allergies, and even death. It is estimated that every nine out of 10 people breathe poor quality air and this is the danger that people face nowadays. So, you can say that it is very risky every time you breathe the polluted air and you should take necessary steps to stay protected from it. Well, there are different air purification methods, which you can follow to ensure that you control the risk of pollution and stay away from air-borne diseases.

Some of the Different Air Purification Methods are:

Looking at the danger posed by environmental pollutants, people started creating awareness in many factors to ensure that they do not compromise on the quality of air that they are breathing. So, the question here is how to purify and maintain healthy air to breathe in.

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Different Air Purification Methods to Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are different ways to purify air and these are mentioned below:

Improve the Ventilation of the Room:

The advice seems to be very simple and that improves the ventilation in your room. Though the outdoor air would still contain pollution, having proper ventilation would help control humidity in the house.

Use Natural Air Conditioning Method:

You can also try some of the cool tips that will help keep the air inside the room fresh. You can use ceiling fans, install heat-blocking window and you can even grow plants for shade.

Install Air Purifier:

Talking about the different ways of air purification method, you can also install air purifier, which is an effective way to remove unwanted contaminants from indoor air. Just select the air purifier that has HEPA filters as this can trap all the impurities (PM 10 & PM 2.5) and make the indoor air pure and fresh.

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Try to Eliminate the Source of Air Pollution:

Smoking, pungent smell from chemical products like paint, detergents etc. are some of the common causes of indoor air pollution. If you can try to eliminate these sources you can possibly control air pollution.

Use Salt Lamps:

When you talk about a natural way of purifying air, you can also use Himalayan pink salt. This can pulls toxins from the environment and neutralizes them can purify the air as well.

Try Growing Houseplants:

In order to filter the toxins from the air, you can also try growing air purifying indoor plants in your home or office. Some of the air purifying plants are Butterfly Palm, Lady Palm, Rubber Tree, Cornstalk Dracaena, Peace Lily, Chrysanthemum, Golden Pothos and many others.


These are few different air purification methods that you can use in order to clean the polluted air and freshen up to breathe in. In this concern, researchers have also conducted many detailed studies about how to improve the indoor air quality and one such research is done on nasofilter that can provide protection against air pollution and can even restrict particulate matter from entering the body. It is the clean indoor air that can reduce your risk of illness caused by polluted air and we suggest you start with one or two options that we have mentioned.

Feel free to share your experience if you find any noticeable improvement in your indoor air.

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