Review of Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 Air Purifier for Home


We live in some of the most polluted cities in the world. The quality of air in many cities is harmful and toxic which can lead to serious respiratory diseases. Nowadays, we tend to spend most of the time indoors, be it home or office. However, indoor air quality also requires some serious attention, as reports suggest indoor air pollution is more than outdoors. So, the air in our houses also requires some cleaning which makes air purifier for home and office a must.

Sensing the future in air purifiers, many companies have come up with their air purifier for home and office. Eureka Forbes is one of those companies and has introduced a solution to make the air pollution-free. The 8 kg Dr Aeroguard SCPR 700 is a compact machine. It can fit in any room, and will just take a corner of your room. It is easy to set up equipped with an air quality indicator and sensor.



The Eureka Forbes Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 air purifier for home is nothing extraordinary. It has a modern look and compact design to fit in most of the homes and offices. The top of the air purifier has a large fan to filter the indoor air. The front of the air purifier is equipped with the touch control buttons to manage all the settings. These buttons control everything from the sleep function to fan speed settings and vita-ion modes.

At the bottom of the air purifier, the customer gets a 4 bar air quality indicator which detects the air quality in the room and turns red if it is really bad and harmful. The filter panels are on both the sides of the purifier which were a little insubstantial.

Key features

  • Equipped with an air quality sensor and indicator
  • Unique intelligent mode auto selects the best setting based on ambient air quality
  • 5 stage air flow control
  • Vita-ion revitalises the air with the perfect blend of silver ions, diatoms & vitamins


  • The SCPR700 comes with a price tag of Rs 24990, which is a little expensive than the competitors
  • It is best suitable for small and medium sized rooms. If you have bigger rooms, then this is not the right air purifier for you
  • The air quality meter only displays if the air is clean or not. It does not show the PM2.5 level, to help you better understand the change in air quality before and after the air purifier
  • The fan of SCPR700 becomes really noisy if the speed level is raised to level 4 or 5.

Performance of Aeroguard Air Purifier for Home

Source: Eureka Forbes

This air purifier is best suitable for small rooms and does a decent job there. The Eureka Forbes air purifier for home and office has a 5 stage air flow control to adjust to the multiple stages of cleaning, starting from the Anti-dust filter to the deodorising filter. The anti-dust filter of this air purifier for home removes particulate matter such as dirt, dust, pet hair from the air. The anti-allergen filter removes airborne particles such as dust, fungal spores and pollen. The Dr. Aeroguard air purifier is energy efficient and consumes 45W when operational.

There is a multi-speed fan on the SCPR700 air purifier for home, ranging from 1 (slowest) to 5 (fastest). It is not much noisy and works perfectly if the speed is kept till level 2 or 3. But if the level is raised above that then the machine turns really noisy. It also sports an air quality indicator on the front of the air purifier. The red bar on the indicator suggests that the air quality is harmful whereas blue bar suggests that the air quality in the room is good. This indicator helps in concluding whether the room is purified or not.


All in all, Dr. Aeroguard SCPR700 air purifier for home and office from Eureka Forbes is built to fight dust, pet hair and fungal spores. They are more effective in smaller rooms. If you have big rooms, this is not the right choice. The SCPR700 retails at Rs 24,990. There are many purifiers in this price range, which have better purification systems than this at a lesser cost.

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