Health Risks Linked to The Exposure of Air Pollution


Air pollution mainly occurs when the harmful substances like particulate matters and the biological molecules get introduced into the Earth’s atmosphere. Air pollution is the mixture of both natural as well as man-made substances in the air. It is characteristically divided into two categories and these are outdoor air pollution and indoor air pollution. The exposure to the air pollution may cause health risks and you might fall prey to different diseases and allergies as well. The air pollution can also cause harm to other living organisms and can damage the natural environment as well.

Outdoor and Indoor Air Pollution


Air pollution both outdoor and indoor is the major environmental risk to health and the exposure to it can let you experience respiratory irritation or breathing difficulties. Outdoor air pollution involves the contact of the contaminated air that you take outside the built environment like the fine particles that are produced by the burning of fossil fuels, coal, and petroleum used in traffic. Outdoor air pollution would also include noxious gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, urban smog and tobacco smoke.

The next is the indoor air pollution that includes particulate matters, carbon oxides, and many other pollutants that are carried by indoor air or dust. Some of the indoor air pollutions are gases, household products & chemicals, tobacco smoke, mold and pollen, cockroach and mouse dropping. Inhaling such polluted water can let you fall sick and you can experience respiratory diseases like asthma and lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases and adverse pregnancy.

How To Reduce Risk Of Air Pollution Exposure?


Talking about indoor air pollution, you can reduce the risk of health effects by ensuring that the building is well-ventilated and you clean it regularly. This will prevent the agents like dust and mold to get build up. Besides, in terms of safety from the outdoor environment, you should avoid heavy traffic and even tobacco smoke. You can also use the air purifier in your home as well, this will ensure that you can at least breathe fresh and clean air when you in your house. Check the list of best air purifier that you can purchase for your home.

There are different manufacturers of air purifier and you would find a wide range of models available in the market that you can choose as per your preferences. Amongst the different brands, Kent, Panasonic and Mi are the best. Air purifier comes with different air filters that can filter out the air and make the air pure to breathe. Pick the air purifier that has HEPA filter in it as it is very effective in trapping the air pollutants.

The Bottom Line

By reducing the level of air pollution, you can help in reducing the burden of air-related disease like stroke, heart disease, both chronic and acute respiratory diseases and etc. Either protected yourself from the air pollution or get an air purifier with HEPA filter in your home. This will effectively remove 99.9% of pollutants from the air like PM 2.5 and SPM and keep you protected from air pollution.

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