Can Trees Improve Air Quality & Reduce Air Pollution?

Air Pollution

Air pollution is mainly the presence of toxic chemicals or compounds in the air that can pose a severe health risk. It is one of the serious threats, which is caused due to different human activities like mining, industrial works, construction and etc. Now, when Diwali is on roar, burning crackers can also be another cause of air pollution. Not only these, there are many other toxic compounds and contaminants that may pollute the air and can make you ill. The compounds can be found in the air in two forms and these are in gaseous and in solid forms i.e. particulate matter suspended in the air.

Some of the chemical compounds that might be present in the polluted air are sulfur oxides, Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide, CO2, Volatile Organic Compounds, Particulate matters, Ammonia and etc. Air pollution can cause serious effects on human health Depending on the level of exposure to it. The effects can be ranging from coughing to respiratory problems and even acute conditions like asthma to chronic lung diseases. Skin problem and irritation can also be another problem of air pollution.

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How to Reduce Air Pollution?

Trees can reduce Air Pollution

There are different solutions to air pollution like reducing the burning of crackers, emphasizing on clean energy resources and etc. Trees can also help in improving the air quality. Due to the high level of carbon dioxide CO2, heat from the Earth gets trapped and tress can help removing the CO2 from the atmosphere during photosynthesis. In this process, trees use carbon dioxides and return oxygen back into the atmosphere. Trees can easily cool the environment and can even emit volatile organic gases from the atmosphere. While removing the volatile organic gases, trees can also eradicate a lot of air pollutants like ozone and nitrogen oxides. This can help in reducing the air contamination to a great extent.

In addition to this, trees with small and hairy leaves can also help in removing the particulate matter from the atmosphere that are the major cause of health hazard. Though outdoor air pollution is very hard to remove, you have an option to purify the indoor air pollution and that is by using an Air purifier. There are many brands of air purifier in the market, which you can purchase. But, make sure that you opt for the air purifier that has HEPA filter added in it. This is best to be installed in the room and breathe fresh and pure water.

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