Kent Alps Air Purifier Review


Air pollution is increasing day by day and becoming more harmful to human health and the environment. Indoor air pollution is even worse than the outdoor. One might not be able to clean the air outside their homes and offices, but at least can take a step towards the improvement of indoor air. With the increasing levels of pollutant in air and the threats to human health from the diseases caused, buying an air purifier is becoming a necessity.

An air purifier helps in cleaning the air in a room, which is full of contaminants like bacteria and viruses and the particles that one cannot see through naked eyes. The process of making the air clean helps in reducing the chances of diseases, reactions due to allergens. Also, they help us to breathe or inhale cleaner and healthier air.

Choosing an air purifier that is suitable for you and your family is quite easy. All you need to do is to take the measurements of the room for which you are planning to buy the best air purifier. It is one of the important steps in deciding a purifier. Kent introduced Alps Air Purifier with the revolutionary HEPA technology which works as a medicine and kills the bacteria and viruses with an efficiency of 99.9%. It removes many types of bacteria and dust, which helps asthma patients to breather healthier air. It also kills airborne viruses and eliminates foul smells, odour.


Kent Alps air purifier comes with a beautiful and compact design. It weighs 8 kg and measures 410 x 242 x 580 mm. This purification machine can easily be fit in any of your rooms and you can easily shift it to any room as per your choice and need.

Kent air purifier top panel

There is nothing on the front except the beautiful and attractive design. At the top, there is a panel of buttons which includes the child lock from the left. Then there are 4 LEDs, 1 for filter change and other 3 for the timer duration depending on what you select. Then a button for timer selection and right next is the power button right in the middle. Next comes the speed selection button with 4 LEDs again depending on what you select. And last is the ionizer button which is not mandatory and can be turned off.

Features of Kent Alps Air Purifier

  • HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Arrestor) dust collection technology with 99.9% efficiency
  • HEPA filter with anti-bacterial coating
  • Carbon filter removes foul smell and odour
  • Improve freshness of air with inbuilt ionizer
  • Intelligent air quality monitoring
  • Filter change indicator
  • PM 2.5 level LED indicator (Blue – Best, Light Blue – Good, Light Pink – Bad, Red – Worse)
  • Silent operation (Noise level less than 54dB)
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 400m3/hr
  • Child Lock Feature

Filtration Process

Kent filtration process air purifier

First Stage: Pre-Filter

Pre-filter or Primary filter installed is the first line of defense in Kent Alps HEPA air purifier, which traps and removes the large particulate matter. It catches particles like large dust particles, pet dander, debris and sand particles.

Second stage: Activated Carbon filter

Kent Alps purifier comes with a higher adsorption capacity of pollutants. It arrests foul smell, odour and gases like oxides of nitrogen, sulphide and hydrocarbons.

Third stage: Anti-bacterial coated HEPA filter

HEPA filter in the Kent Alps purifier comes with an anti-bacterial coating that is developed with superior Japanese Technology. It catches and traps Suspended Particulate Matter that can be as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.9%. HEPA filter also traps Particulate Matter 2.5, molds, pollen, fine dust and cigarette smoke.

Fourth stage: Ionizer

Ionizers are the electrically charged ions, which gets attached to the particles in the air. The ionizers improve the air quality making it healthier and leads to decrease the amount of impure particulates.


kent alps air purifier

On the whole, Kent HEPA Alps Air Purifier is a must have product, which will meet all your expectations. It is an easy to operate air purification machine that even elderly people can operate it. The Kent Alps Air Purifier is a package of excellent features HEPA technology (with 99.9% efficiency) and decent pricing.

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