Harmful Effects of Poor Air Quality on Kids Health

Harmful effects of Poor air quality on Kids Health

With the rising air pollution, all of us are aware of the harmful consequences of poor air quality. Everyone is affected by the poor air quality but children are at more risk. As the young body of kids is not completely developed air pollution can cause more harm to them than adults. Poor air quality not only harms the respiratory systems but also affects their brain development.

Why Children are at Greater Risk from Air Pollution

Kids are more vulnerable to air pollution than adults. Children spend more time outside therefore they are at more risk. Some of the reasons why poor air quality is not good for kids are mentioned below:

Children’s lungs are not well developed at the birth it becomes fully developed only when they are teenage. During their early childhood, their bronchial tree is under development. Since their lungs are in still-developing any harmful toxins can easily harm them.

Children breathe 50% more air per kilograms of body weight than adults as they have larger lung surface area per kilogram of their body weight. As they breathe more air than other they are at more risk of being exposed to harmful air pollutants.

Children breathing rate is faster than adults this is why can inhale more air pollutants at a faster rate than adults

They spend more time outside particularly during their summer vacation, therefore, they inhale more polluted air.

Pollutants in the air that affects children

There many harmful toxins in the air that can have negative impacts on the human body. Some of the pollutants that have the major impact on kids health are mentioned below:

Ozone: ozone is one of the most common pollutants present in the air. Even short-term exposure to this can cause many respiratory problems. Ozone is also responsible for increasing the impact of other air pollutants. Its long-term exposure can reduce the lung function permanently.

Carbon Monoxide: When inhaled carbon monoxide quickly enters the bloodstream and it combines with haemoglobin which results in the formation of carboxyhaemoglobin. The carboxyhaemoglobin has the very severe effect on haemoglobin as it prevents haemoglobin to carry oxygen. Only 10-30% of Carboxyhaemoglobin in the body can cause death.

Lead: exposure to the heavy metals such as lead can affect the development of kids. This can cause kidney damage, nervous impairments lower cognitive development

Nitrogen oxide: long-term exposure to nitrogen oxide can increase the risk of the respiratory system. It inflames the lining of lungs that increase the response of allergens. It also suppresses

Sulphur oxide: the presence of sulphur oxide results in airway construction and affects the lungs. it can be very dangerous for kids having an asthmatic problem.

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How to reduce the effect of poor quality on Kids health

As we know that the kids are more susceptible to the dangerous consequences of air pollution here are few tips that you should follow

Make sure your child exercise regularly as it will increase his lungs capacity. Air pollution and child’s inactivity can be very dangerous. If your children will exercise regularly they will have a stronger cardiovascular system.

Air pollution can be decreased by knowing the source of pollution and eliminating them. Chemical cleaners are the most common source of air pollution inside the house that should be used responsibly.

Dust, moulds, and smoke should be removed from the home as can cause many harmful problems to your kid’s health.

Invest in the best air purifier with HEPA technology as they have high efficiency to remove the tiniest pollutant from the air and make it fresh and pure. KENT Alps+ is best air purifier to keep your home’s air fresh and healthy.

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Last Few Words

Your child’s health will be dependent on you reduce air pollution. However outdoor air pollution is a social issue it cannot be reduced by a single person. People will have to come together to fight against air pollution. But you can enhance the quality of air inside your home by following above basic steps. Having an air purifier in your home will ensure that your kids are protected from the dangerous air pollution.

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