What is Smog and How Harmful It Can Be?

What is SMOG and How Harmful it can be

Air pollution means the presence of pollutants in the atmosphere, which can cause health problems to all human beings on earth. These are mainly gases or the small particles that remains up in the air for longer period of time period. With all these pollutants entering the air, the layer of the atmosphere is breaking down enormously and if the same continuous for every year, it can cause the tremendous problem to our planet. Considering the trending term “Air Pollution”, people nowadays are mostly concerned about “Smog”, which has increased the pollution level-up to 30 times.

Know About Smog


The word ‘smog’ was first devised by Dr. Henry Antoine des Voeux in his paper, Fog, and Smoke, in July 1905. He coined the term smog when he noticed a blanket of smoke and fog over London in the early 1900s. Smog is the combination of two words Smoke and Fog. You can say it is a yellowish or blackish fog that is mainly formed by the mixture of different pollutants. Smog can also be defined as hazy air that is the mixture of gases, dust and with water vapor that makes breathing difficult. Smog is caused by air pollution and that is formed when fuels are burnt and it turns into gases. These gases along with other fine particles of the atmosphere get reacted with the heat of the sunlight and thereby forming Smog. It can hamper visibility and even disturb the environment to a great extent.

Smog mainly consists of ozone, added with harmful substances including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and PM10s. It is found in an area where coal is burnt in large quantity and where crops are also burnt. Besides this, the pollutants of smog are mainly generated from sources like automobile exhausts, power plants, fireworks, even paint, hairspray and many others. It is also linked to the heat of the sun, temperature, and the calm winds.

How Can Smog Harm People Stay in Delhi?

Smog effects on the places that are further away from the source. It has hit the capital of the Nation, Delhi in a sever level by deteriorating the air and counting the Air Quality Index (AQI) as 493. The effect of the smog in Delhi can be felt immediately and it has mainly affected Children, infants, and elderly people those who are suffering from cardiac and respiratory problems. People those who stay outdoors for a longer period of time can experience much worse effect on their body due to smog.


Some of the harmful Effects of Smog:

  • By inhaling smog for a long period of time can affect your breathing passage
  • Smog can cause cardiac and respiratory disorders and can lead to heart attacks or strokes.
  • It can also lead to shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing and discomfort in breathing.
  • Smog can also dry out the protective membranes of nose and throat.
  • It can also expose the body’s ability to resist infection thereby increasing the susceptibility to illness.
  • It can cause fatal pulmonary diseases like lung cancer

How to Stay Protected from Smog and Air Pollution?

Keeping in mind about the Delhi Pollution Index and the effects of smog in Delhi, the people of Delhi should ensure that they do not get exposed to this deadly air pollution. The best and the simplest way to stay protected from smog is to stay indoors, but that is a near-to-impossible. So, follow the below-mentioned points which can help you stay protected from air pollution.


  • Make sure that you use a face mask with pollutant filter in it
  • Avoid running in congested areas or exercising outdoors
  • Make sure to keep the asthma pumps and oxygen tanks handy for person who has respiratory disorders

You can use an air purifier to keep the indoor air clean and fresh to breathe in. Air Purifiers come with HEPA filter that can effectively remove 99.9% of pollutants from air and make the air pure to breathe in. It can trap PM 2.5, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke and other pollutants from the air and purify the room instantly. There are many brands of air purifier in the market, which you can opt for.

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The level of air pollution is increasing day-by-day and this can cause several health effects. So, in order to keep yourself safe from the deadly air pollution and smog, make sure to follow the protective measure like using a face mask, avoid moving outdoor and using air purifier at home. Breathe fresh air to stay healthy and stay away from air-borne diseases.

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