Top 5 Best Air Purifiers for your Home


Are you concerned about the rapid increase in the levels of air pollution in cities? Well, everyone is concerned with the increase in air pollution because this can make you unhealthy. Talking about the air pollution, people of India are widely exposed to the deadliest air. There are two types of air pollution: indoor and outdoor. According to EPA, indoor environment is two to five times more harmful than the outdoor environment. Thus, it has become more important that you should ensure that your indoor air is pure and clean. So, how to make the indoor air clean and free from pollution? The easiest solution is to buy the best air purifiers, which will help you to combat with the indoor air pollution.

By using the air purifier, one can easily control indoor air pollution, so that you can breathe pure and healthier air inside your home or office. But, for this, you need to invest in the best air purifier according to your usage. Installing an air purifier will also reduce the risk of respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) etc. by removing fine particles, dust, allergens from indoor air.

How to choose the Best Air purifier?

There are many popular brands available, each of which promises you to provide fresh and healthy air. Brands like Philips, KENT, Honeywell, Panasonic, Mi, Sharp, Daikin etc. are providing air purifiers of different ranges. But to put an end to your confusion, we have shortlisted top 5 air purifiers based on the criteria given below.

  • Filter Used – Air purifier uses different types of filter, which purifies air after catching and removing the deadly virus from the air and provides you with fresh air. There are many filters available in the market, but the most popular and best filter is HEPA filter, which provides you with the best clean air.
  • Area Covered – Before buying an air purifier, you must keep in mind that how much area you want to purify at once. A normal room size of India is around 200-300 sq. feet, which can be easily covered with the best air purifier.
  • Fan Speed – Fan speed should be kept in mind as it will tell you that how speedily fresh air will reach you and what would be the CADR.
  • Low Maintenance – One should also be aware of the maintenance cost of the air purifier. You should know the filter change cost and the duration for which a filter will work.
  • Power Consumption – You also need to check the power consumption of the air purifier as it is another aspect to take into consideration before choosing the best air purifier for your home and office.

After taking into consideration the above-mentioned points, you can easily pick the best air purifier for your home. Here we list the top 5 popular air purifier in India. Check the specification and pick one of your choices.

Kent Alps Air Purifier

Kent Alps is the best air purifier available with all advanced features and specifications. This air purifier is manufactured by Kent. It is one of the powerful air purifiers that is added with HEPA air purification, which can help in removing 99.9% indoor air pollutants. The purifier also comes with an ionizer that can improve the freshness of air by forcing the pollutants to stick to the walls.

kent alps best air purifierSome of the features of KENT Alps Air Purifier are:

  • HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Arrestor) dust collection technology with 99.9% efficiency
  • HEPA filter with anti-bacterial coating
  • Carbon filter removes foul smell and odor
  • Improve freshness of air with inbuilt ionizer
  • Intelligent air quality monitoring
  • Filter change indicator
  • PM 2.5 level LED indicator (Blue – Best, Light Blue – Good, Light Pink – Bad, Red – Worse)
  • Silent operation (Noise level less than 54dB)
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 400m3/hr
  • Child Lock Feature

The features of Kent Alps air purifier makes it the most lovable one and it is widely preferred as well. Looking at the customer reviews at the e-commerce portal, it has been studied that almost 80% of the customers have rated it 5 and 4 stars. The customers have appreciated the design of the air purifier and the technology that is HEPA filter used in it. Overall, it is a good air purifier that you can install in your home.


Philips AC4025 Air Purifier

This air purifier comes from the brand Philips, which uses VitaShield IPS (Intelligent Purification System) Technology that automatically changes the mode as per the need and provides clean air. It also has an ultra-silent night sense mode, which senses the lights off and provides clean air throughout the night. Philips claims to remove up to 99.97% allergens from the air.

philips ac4025 best air purifier

Some of the features of Philips AC4025 Air Purifier are:

  • ABS Plastic material is used for manufacturing the body
  • It has advanced filtration system
  • The air purifier has sleep mode and healthy air protect alert
  • It has 3-step fan speed that you can adjust according to your preference
  • 1 or 4 or 8 hours easy-to-set timer

The air purifier also has all the required technical specifications in it that makes it good for all. But, when you go through the customer review at Amazon and Flipkart you can find through many patrons have liked the product, few have given it 1 star as well and in both the platforms, people have a complaint about its missing filter, silent mode is not operational and etc. So, personally, I would say it is not worthy to invest such a huge amount in purchasing this air purifier.


Kent Aura Air Purifier

Kent Aura is one of the most stylish, powerful and best air purifier available with all the modern features. This purifier is designed with advanced HEPA filter that can remove particulate matter up to 99.9% of virus from the air level of PM2.5 and keep your home pollution free. The purifier is suitable for installation in a room size of up to 270 sq ft. It uses three-stage mechanisms like impact, Interception, and Diffusion in order to catch as well as trap the pollutants from the air that are larger than 0.3 microns. Owing to its excellent HEPA filter, KENT Aura air purifier can trap dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and tobacco smoke from the room and make the air free from pollution.

kent aura best air purifier

Some of the features of KENT Aura Air Purifier are:

  • HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Arrestor) dust collection technology with 99.9% efficiency
  • HEPA filter with anti-bacterial coating
  • Carbon filter removes foul smell and odor
  • Improve freshness of air with inbuilt ionizer
  • Intelligent air quality monitoring
  • Filter change indicator
  • PM 2.5 level LED indicator (Blue – Excellent, Pink – Good, Red – Poor)
  • Silent operation (Noise level less than 60dB)
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 180m3/hr
  • Child Lock Feature

The air purifier is best in the market and you would find that it has excellent features in it starting from the filter, to its filtering technology. After scouting through the customer reviews, I have found that almost all the people have liked it and appreciated it. They have liked the indication of air quality and the ionizer feature. Few customers have complained about the customer service. But the product is good to be used at home and breathe fresh air.

Panasonic F-PXF35MKU(D) Air Purifier

One of the less power eater air purifiers, Panasonic F- PXF35MKU has some unique features like the 3D circulation and turbo mode to reach air to you in no time. The 3D circulation airflow also comes with nanoe purification ensuring that the indoor air is 100% pure and pollution free. It can work perfectly at 283 square feet coverage area. The nanoe added in this purifier holds the expertise in removing viruses, bacteria, odors, and allergens from the air.

Panasonic F-PXF35MKU(D) best Air Purifier

Some of the features of Panasonic F-PXF35MKU(D) Air Purifier are:

  • It has an auto mode and the sleep mode function.
  • The purifier needs 20 watts power and Operating Voltage of 220 volts for smooth functionality.
  • 3D circulation of airflow
  • Composite air filter can remove virus, bacteria, and allergens up to 99%

With all specific features and technical specifications added in it, Panasonic F-PXF35MKU (D) is also widely accepted air purifier model, which you can purchase it. The only complain is its filter changing, which most of the customers said that it’s costly. Some sated about the missing sensor that doesn’t work automatically (auto start and auto off depending on the air quality. Such feature is added in Kent air purifiers i.e. air quality monitor.


Mi Air Purifier

Under the same list of air purifiers, Mi air purifier is one that you can install it in your home. The air purifier is designed to perfection and it can quickly absorb foul smell and odor and offers healthier air in a place where it is kept. The purification range of this air purifier is within the area of 400 sq. ft. The machine works with zero noise function and it has high efficient purification performance.

mi best air purifier

Some of the features of Mi air purifier are:

  • The clean air delivery rate is 310m3/h
  • It has Wi-Fi + app control making it easy to operate
  • Air quality sensor (PM2.5),
  • It has temperature and humidity sensor as well
  • The power consumption of this air purifier is 1.5 to 31 Watts
  • It weight 4.8kg

The purifier is also liked by all as it is designed with excellent features. Out of 59 reviews that have been seen at one of the e-commerce portals, 60% says it is good and the remaining marked it as 3, 2 and 1 star. Some say, though the purifier is low in price, they are not happy with the customer service, and even some have complained about the technical default.


The Bottom Line:

All the above mentioned air purifiers are good in terms of design, specifications and performance, which you can pick as per your preference and budget constraints. After evaluating all the models, I would say that Kent and Philips air purifiers are best because they have been liked by customers and the products also has positive review and ratings. Besides, the price is also quite reasonable.

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know which model do you prefer for your home?

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