What is HEPA Filter and How Efficient It Is?

What is HEPA Filter

Our environment comes filled with different types of allergens and pollutants that make the air impure. You might think that air pollution is present outside do you know indoor air is 10 times more polluted than the outer air. Inside your home you would find things like dust, dirt trodden and many other pollutants. Inhaling these pollutants can irritate your lungs and it can mainly contribute respiratory diseases to allergies and asthma.

Breathing such an impure air would make you ill and you can get attacked with different respiratory diseases. Well, to make sure that you stay free from air-borne diseases and breathe pure air, you can use air purifiers that come with HEPA filter in it.

What is HEPA Filter and How it Works?

what is a hepa filter? How HEPA Filter Works? - Giphy Image
What is a HEPA Filter? How it works?

HEPA is the acronym for “High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor”. This filter is manufactured, tested, certified to remove all the impurities from air and make it free from pollutants. According to The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology, HEPA filter holds the capability to trap 99.97% of particulates 0.3 microns or larger from the air. The HEPA filter can also trap particles that are about 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. It can also remove PM 10 and PM 2.5 particles from the air. Moreover, the ultra-fine filter captures even the microscopic particles by the combination of impaction, interception, diffusion, and sieving.

The small particles/pollutants collide with the fibers and get trapped while attempting to travel through the bar. The pollutants get grabbed by the fibers via interception.

CADR of HEPA Filter

In order to produce the cleanest air, your air purifier should have HEPA filter in it. When buying an air purifier, you should make sure the HEPA filter has a perfect clean air delivery rate (CADR) that can filter your space where installed. CADR would denote the quantity of air, which passes through the filter and is based on square footage. There might be some rooms that would be too large for the filter to properly clean the polluted air, so, you should always check the CADR of the filter.

Can HEPA Air Purifier Improve Your Health?

HEPA Air Purifier
HEPA Air Purifier

HEPA filter can trap all the impurities from the air and make it free from breathing. The filter can remove 99.97% of particles present in the air that are less than 0.3 microns in diameter and keep your indoor air clean and safe. It can also trap SPM, indoor carcinogen particles like PM 2.5, pollen, allergens, mold, and cigarette smoke particles. So, as it removes all the impurities from the air it can surely improve your health to a great extent.

  • HEPA filter is efficient enough to remove seasonal pollens and even other airborne toxins.
  • It can strengthen cardiovascular health and reduce your risk for heart disease
  • HEPA filter traps the impurities can even help reduce the risk of asthma attacks.
  • It can also remove allergens and even cigarette smoke particles, thereby keeping the air pure and fresh

Trapping polluted air is possible by using an air purifier that has HEPA filter in it. You can find many brands of air purifiers in the market like KENT, Blue Air, Mi, and many others. Just check the design, purification technology of the air purifier and select the one according to your preference. Go through the buying guide of air purifier before purchasing it so that you can select the right model for your home.

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