World Asthma Day 2018: Breathe Fresh and Reduce the Burden of Asthma

World Asthma Day

Every passing year asthma is getting more common among people. There have been many studies that show the significant rise in this chronic diseases, especially among children. World Asthma Day, a huge event celebrated worldwide to create awareness and help those who are affected by this disease. This event is organized by Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), on this day many asthma awareness activities take place all over the world. This year theme is “never too early, never too late”. To combat this disease we all must be aware of asthma by understanding the cause and symptoms of Asthma.

How Asthma affects your body?

There is no clear reason for the occurrence of asthma, it is believed that it occurs by the combination of both environmental and genetic factors. Our environment is getting more polluted each day and we are surrounded by many toxins from food to air and water. It can affect any age group but children and older one are susceptible to this disease. The severity of this disease varies from person to person. It is a condition that caused by the inflammation of bronchial tubes. During an asthma attack the lining airways become swollen narrowing the airways tend to produce more mucus that results in breathing difficulties. According to WHO estimates, around 235 million people suffer from Asthma causing breathlessness and coughing.

The most common factors that trigger asthma are pollutants in the air such as dust, mites, chemicals, smoke, pollen, and moulds. However, air pollution does not cause asthma but it will surely trigger asthma symptoms if you are an asthmatic patient. When the pollution levels are high it can worsen the condition.

Effective measures to combat Asthma

The worst part is that asthma cannot be cured but it can be controlled by following some simple and easy things to keep in mind.

Pay attention to your body:

To understand the pattern of your asthma attack it is very important that you pay attention to your symptoms. You must know the various triggers that aggravate your asthmatic attacks. By knowing the symptoms you will be able to prevent it before it gets serious.

Know about the inhalers you use

There are many types of inhalers available in the market, in case of sudden asthmatic attacks you should know how to use these inhalers properly. Never forget to sanitize your inhalers to avoid germs and infections.

Your surrounding must be free from allergens

Removing allergens from your surrounds will help in minimizing the frequency of asthma attacks. Some of the most common allergens that trigger asthma are dust mites, pollen, moulds, pet hair etc.

Get vaccination for influenza and pneumonia

Flu and pneumonia are the most common cause of sudden asthmatic attacks. Therefore it is highly important that you get the vaccination for influenza and pneumonia so that your body will be immune to such condition that can trigger asthma.

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Use an air purifier

There are so many toxins and pollutants in the air that can worsen your condition and are not visible to us.  To make sure you always breathe pure and free from any type of allergy which is not good your condition. You must use a decent air purifier to avoid air pollutants.  When it comes to choosing the air purifier to make sure it uses HEPA technology as it highly effective in removing each and every pollutant from the air. Some of the best air purifier available in the market are KENT air purifier, Philips air purifier, and Honeywell.

Always drink pure water

All of us are very well known about the pollutants in the air that causes asthmatic attacks, but the water you drink also plays a significant role in your condition. There are so many impurities in water that are responsible for making your condition worse. You must drink pure water to avoid any possible agent coming to your body that can cause complications in your condition.

By providing a good lifestyle with healthy food, pure water, and fresh air coupled with regular exercise and proper medication anyone with asthma problem can have a safe and happy life.

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